Buildings and industrial supplies

Rental of equipment for construction site

G-Tek srl

Business presentation

Organization specialized in supplying and designing for industrial and civil activities:

Steel plant, petrochemical plant, power centers, cement factory, yards and every other industrial plant, in addition to the relative maintenance of the same.

The current organizational structure has been realized in year 2009, as our organizzations has a twenty-year experience in the industrial inpiantistic sector, having managed a company of great relief.

The adjustments, both organizational and technological, have been a direct consequence of the evolving of the question in fundamental respect of the product quality.

The major aspects of our industrial initiative takes to individuate the following factors in every production process:

  • optimization of the cycle and operating sequences
  • response timing containment
  • company flexibility
  • optimization of the cost / quality ratio

Industrial design / construction: company identification and structure

  • Social reason: G-Tek s.r.l.
  • Legal form: limited liability company
  • Administrator: mrs Motolese Tiziana
  • Foundation year: february 2009
  • Share capital: € 10,000.00
  • Paid-up capital: € 120,000.00
  • Vat number: 02746840731
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification by Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.a. Certificator
  • ISO 18000 Certification accrediting by Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.a. Certificator
  • Inps taranto: 7805343633
  • Inail taranto: 020742353

Company activities

The company deals with supplies industrial and civil with the following fields of application

Fields of application for industrial supplies

  • Safety and ppe (personal protective equipment)
  • Fall protection system and life lines
  • Lifting equipment
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Electric tools
  • Oils and lubricants grease
  • Material for welding and metal machining
  • Abrasion material
  • Mechanical utensils
  • Equipment and plants for anti-corrosion processes
  • Bolts, fasteners and fittings
  • Signs of road safety
  • Sale of scaffolding and accessories
  • Fences civil and construction sites
  • Electrical accessories for construction sites
  • Silicones and sealants
  • Extensible films and packaging material
  • Hygiene and work products
  • Paints and enamel for civil and industrial use
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation systems
  • Industrial shelving

Application areas for building supplies

  • Steel products (electro-waste networks)
  • Manufactured goods and prefabricated concrete (septic tank and blocks, tubes, wells, purifiers, diseoleators, sand trap, purifiers and prime water plants collected)
  • Building materials (floors, walls and insulation, roofing and siding, tiles, woods
  • Powders and isolations (glues, cement, resins, powders and acoustic thermal material)
  • Hydraulic thermo (fittings and water pipes – gas – super plastic water-based)
  • Civil and industrial hardware
  • Plastic coatings and water-based paints
  • Waterproofing systems bituminous and liquid sheaths
  • Rental of construction equipment (scaffolding, compressors, excavators, bobcats, telescopic handlers, engine driven welders, power generators and lighting towers)

Technical organization

Our technical personnel was a twenty-year experience in the field of planning, in particular the steel, petrochemical, naval, thermoelectric centers and cement factorys.

  • n. 1 Administrator
  • n. 1 Administrative office manager
  • n. 1 Commercial
  • n. 1 Sales manager
  • n. 3 Warehouse worker
  • n. 13 Workers

Operating office:

  • Factory: via per Massafra n. 75  s.s. Appia
  • Shed 1500 mq
  • 18.500 mq discovered area

Phone numbers:

  • Administrative office tel. -fax. 099/4711105
  • Email: